Extraordinary stories from Finland

We provide your TV or online channel with unusual, surprising, entertaining, extraordinary, quirky, and fascinating stories and material from Finland with topics from economy, society, innovation, politics, sports, and culture.

How it works

  1. Choose a story from our regular topic suggestions.
  2. Receive ready-to-edit material
    • Video material including:
      • At least 15 min of story footage
      • At least three interviews (protagonists, experts, street polls)
      • Material can be in .mov .mp4 or another format,
      • 4K quality and drone footage on request
    • Story information
    • Interview translation to English
      (in case the interview is not already in English)
  3. Get the exclusive TV distribution rights in your country

Who our customers are

How to get started

Simply leave us your email address and we will send you regular story suggestions from Finland. You can order the ready-to-edit on demand.

You can also find more information in our slide set above or view it in full-screen here.