Roadmap to Germany

The Growth Sprint (3h) is a workshop and framework to take the first steps of your go-to-market strategy and shift your company’s internal attitudes from local to global.

The value?

In this three hour workshop, your management team will be facilitated by brand and internationalization experts to analyze your company’s readiness for internationalization and envision what international growth looks like for your team.

> A shared understanding of your international vision across different departments.

> An analysis of your company’s readiness for international growth.

> A framework tool to continue the expansion planning and improve existing processes.

> A clear and executable action plan to take your business to Germany.

Who is it for?

The Growth Sprint is aimed at Finnish companies with solid business activities in their home market, with ambitions for international markets.

The process is designed to host C-level management and department heads.

Price: 4500€ + vat.

From unified vision to concrete roadmap

The Growth Sprint -session (3h) consists of three integral steps in which we are able to challenge your teams thinking, bring management visions and expectations together and draw up a solid action plan.

1: The Vision

In the first step we will open the teams thinking towards what international expansion will ideally look like.

Creating a team-wide understanding of everyone’s ambitions are key to form unity around shared goals from the start.

> What would your international success look like for your team?
> How does your team envision their daily work to change when working in foreign markets?

2: The Now

Together we will evaluate the current status of your company and crystallize how the current status needs to be developed for you to be ready to expand internationally.

Breaking down the demands of the expansion into the four business areas, will help the team to understand their personal roles and expectation for the future.

> Brand & Concept
> Customers
> Product & Pricing
> Team & Skillsets

3: The Action Plan

In this final step we will organize all the elements still needed for international success on a timeline.

Identifying what tasks can be done internally and where external support will be needed, will allow us to create rough budget estimations required to execute the action plan.

> Internal capabilities
> External support needed
> Budget estimations

Internal confidence with experts insights

“I am an entrepreneur and business consultant who has built and worked with companies from various industries, such as tech, media, food, education, gaming, licensing, tourism, recruitment, design, accessories, and social networking.

I understand the challenges businesses face when entering other markets and help avoid common mistakes that can cost businesses valuable time and money.”

Ansgar Frankenberg, Founder MMehr
Growth strategist, German market

“My mission is to create excitement in teams around their own brand and showing the commercial potential beyond local markets.

With my vast international experience in team dialogue and facilitative processes in concept development, I look forward to bringing together a unified vision where every team member feels seen and heard.”

Ilona Oksanen, Founder of Werk
Brand Strategist & Business Designer