in Germany

with strategic and operational support
provided by local experts


We support Finnish businesses in entering the German market. With a tailored action plan and a clear strategy, we find the right approach to reach your export goals.


What is your niche in the German market? What is your competition and their price point? We help you target the right audience and strategy.


Let’s implement your strategy, find channels to test your offering on first customers or prepare a bigger launch on the German market.


You are active in Germany but your results are not what you wished for. We look at your current setup and help you fine-tune your strategy for bigger success.


Do you need help to get first or additional clients in Germany? Our team can actively support your sales effort on a regular base. We speak German and know how to communicate with your target audience.


Since 2015 MMehr support and works with companies from various industries, such as tech, media, food, education, gaming, licensing, tourism, recruitment, design, fashion, and manufacturing.

Our team is located both in Finland and Germany and has a deep understanding of both  business cultures. We know the challenges businesses face when entering the German market. With our experience we help avoid common mistakes that can cost your business valuable time and money.

No matter if you are already active on the German market or are just considering taking the first steps to explore the market, we are ready to support you both strategically and operational.

Selected Customers

Below you find a list of some of the happy customers of MMehr.
For more details also see our selected success cases.

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The Power of Mittelstand

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