Selected Success Cases

MMehr supports Finnish businesses in entering the German market. Here are a few selected success cases.

Online Booking System for German Customers

The popular Finnish online booking system Vello wanted to enter the German market. Through a market research conducted by MMehr, Vello got a better picture of what German customers value. The results showed that German companies had a different conception of what a booking system needed to offer than what Finnish customers had wished for.

Key aspects relevant to the new audience became a strong focus of the company’s marketing strategy for the German market.

Food popup in Hamburg

In collaboration with Nordic Breakfast, MMehr developed and executed the concept of a three-month pop-up in St. Pauli, Hamburg for food from Finland and Denmark. Over a dozen Nordic food brands participated in the project.

The main goal of the project was to understand how German customers react to the products. The team collected feedback on all products during the time of the popup. Furthermore, a goal was to connect to potential new distributors and partners in the Hamburg area.

Visibility for accessories from Finland

The iconic accessory company Aarni Wood needed exposure for their Berlin Limited Edition watch that was made out of an old oak tree from the German capital.

MMehr helped the company gain some visibility in the German media by connecting them to relevant partners in the area and continues to help push the Aarni’s activities in Germany.

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