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MMehr analyzes your business and helps you develop an offering suitable for your target group.


MMehr develops the ideal marketing strategy for your company.


MMehr creates the right content for ever channel and media.


MMehr creates your online marketing strategy and optimizes your web presence.


Ansgar Frankenberg

I am Ansgar Frankenberg, the owner of MMehr.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has built and worked with companies from various industries such as e-learning, gaming, tourism, recruitment, video production, design and social networking. I like to challenge business models and strategies. In all my ventures I strive to streamline process and business setups to achieve the best results with the resources at disposal.

My work with EdTech startups and my background in teaching, both offline and online, have made me an expert on e- learning from both a business and a pedagogical side.

With a background in marketing and journalism I hold 10+ years of experience in content creation for TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs as well as social media.

Utilize my skills to make your business a success!

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Ansgar Frankenberg
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